Non-Classical Wing Chun  - ONE TOTAL ACTION
Kung Fu Cardio

We now offer cardio classes that are designed for anyone who wants to get fighting fit or to get into shape 
These cardio classes are 45 mins and incorporates a unique set of drills with focus mitts


New Class Synergy Fitness Barkingside

We are now excepting new students to our classes in Enfield, Hoddesdon and Barkingside

Please feel free to join the class or get in touch with us through the contact page, thanks

I want to thank my good friend and martial arts brother Miguel Quijano for making me an honorary life member of his school and Kung Fu system. Miguel exemplifies a true martial arts practitioner who has the Spirit, courage and character of a Samurai warrior. 

Thank you Miguel I feel deeply honoured and privileged. 

Your friend and brother, Seyfi.
Jesse Glover 
Oct 16 1934 - June 27 2012
"It is with great sorrow that I have to announce the passing away of my good friend Jesse Glover. He has been a great inspiration and source of knowledge to me. He was for me a great martial arts teacher and a very kind and giving human being, I will miss him dearly. Thank you Jesse for all your influence and help"...  

    Jesse Glover and Bruce Lee
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