Spain, Seyfi Shevket with Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's 1st student)Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's 1st student) and Bruce LeeSeyfi Shevket at Bruce Lee's grave, Seattle 1992Bruce Lee, Ed Hart and Jesse Glover, Seattle USA
Ed Parker Jnr, Diana Lee Inosanto, William Cheung and Seyfi Shevket.Diana Lee Inosanto, Jhoon Rhee, Seyfi Shevket and Samual Kwok.William Cheung and Seyfi ShevketGrandmaster Ip Ching (Yip Man's son) and Seyfi Shevket
Grandmaster Ip Chung (Yip Man's son) and Seyfi ShevketMaster Samuel Kwok with Seyfi Shevket.Seyfi Shevket with Grandmaster Moy Yat and Master William Moy, Queens New York 1996 Sijo James DeMile (Bruce Lee student) and Seyfi Shevket
Jhoon Rhee and Seyfi ShevketSeyfi Shevket and Sean RawcliffSeyfi Shevket, Danny Guba and Jesse Glover.Seyfi Shevket and James Demile, Seattle 1992
Seyfi Shevket with Wong Sheung Long group.Randy Williams and Seyfi ShevketSeyfi Shevket and Gary LamRandy Couture (UFC Leend) and Seyfi Shevket
Grandmaster Moy Yat and Seyfi Shevket, 1989Sifu Moy Yat and Grandmaster Yip ManGrandmaster Moy Yat and Seyfi Shevket.
Seattle 1992Danny Guba and Great Grandmaster June Cannete1st UK James Demile seminar 1989, demo with Seyfi Shevket.Seyfi Shevket in Seattle, James Demile instructors course, Seattle 1992
Wong Sheung Long workshop 1988Seyfi Shevket, Master Austin Goh and Randy WilliamsJesse Glover, Seyfi Shevket and Pierre Hartman, Switzerland 2002Sifu Moy Yat, William Moy and Seyfi Shevket.
Seattle, Bruce Lee grave.Zeki Shevket and Jesse Glover.Seattle, Bruce Lee grave.Seza Shevket and Jesse Glover
David Hayes and Seyfi Shevket.David Hayes, Seyfi Shevket and Randy Couture.Seyfi Shevket browsing in Harrods with Randy Couture.Alex Reid and Seyfi Shevket.
Randy Couture Choking Seyfi Shevket.Randy Couture, Seyfi Shevket and Danny John-Jules.Randy Couture and Seyfishevket, London.Security for Randy Couture, UK.
Security for Randy Couture, UK.Ronnie Green (1980's Thai Boxing Legend) and Seyfi Shevket.Jesse Glover and Bruce Lee.Pierre Hartmann (NCKF Switzerland) Seyfi Shevket and Jesse Glover.
Seattle, July 2012Jesse Glover and Seyfi Shevket Huddersfield, UKSpain, Seyfi Shevket with Jesse GloverTaky Kimura, Linda Lee and Seyfi Shevket, Seattle 2012
China Town, New YorkJohn Conteh, boxing legend.Grandmaster Danny Guba, Bob Breen And Seyfi ShevketSeyfi Shevket with Jari Nyman JKD Spain
Jose Caballero Ving Tsun, Germany with Seyfi Shevket in Barcelona, Spain.Joaquin Marcello JKD Spain with Seyfi Shevket, Barcelona, Spain 2013Pigging out with my good friend Ronnie Green European and World Champion.With Leroy Garcia, Bruce Lee Seattle student. Seattle 2012
With my good friends Jari Nyman JKD and Fiaz Rafiq author. Spain 2013With my good friends Danny Guba, Abdul and Jesse Glover.Jesse Glover and Danny Guba group.With my very good friend James DeMile
With my first Sifu Lakis Phillipou and Rocco Ambrose Wing Chun Do With Sifu Lakis, Ip Chung and Samuel Kwok.Jesse Glover letter.Gael Lacault NCGF France
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